Australian Honeymoon Bonanza

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Sydney and Melbourne

Australia is a land of pleasant surprises for its visitors. There are very few countries in this world that can present such diversities within the same boundary with its culture, art, entertainments and sports.

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If you are on an Australian honeymoon Sydney or Melbourne should be your destination. These are the two cities where you can arrive for a trip of a lifetime to usher a new phase of happiness and good cheer in your life.

What is it about Australia that can make such wonderful promises of the best honeymoon holiday of one’s life?

Here is a look at both the cities and what they have to offer for honeymoon couples.

Honeymoon Sydney

Sydney opera house
Harbor bridge
Luna park
Sydney Tower
Sydney Aquarium
Bondi Beach
Fox Studios

These are just some of the many places that you can visit on your trip to Sydney.

If you make a list of the top five cities of the world Sydney will count one among them. This is probably the first city that comes to mind the moment Australia is mentioned.

One of the most bustling and vibrant cities of the world Sydney is known for a variety of attractions that makes it famous. Here are the names of a few of those places.

Each of these places will present an entirely different aspect of Australian life that is beautiful and exciting.

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Honeymoon Melbourne

One of the main attractions of Melbourne that will entice you instantly is its large number of alleys and lanes that are great centers of shopping and cafes. There is a certain vibrant charm about the place that is very attractive.

In comparison to Sydney Melbourne will present with a different kind of entertainment where you will enjoy its urban setup and infrastructure as well as the traditional and the historical.

The Melbourne film festival is a great example of this. This annual event that takes place around the months of July and August each year is an internationally acclaimed film festival as the oldest of all film festivals in the world.

Accommodation in Australia

There are very expensive and designer hotels as well as budget accommodation Sydney city has in offer for all its visitors and tourists.

There are all the provisions made ready in case you need them. Now it’s you who has to take the step ahead and make the plan of the visit.

The facility to rent an apartment in Melbourne is also available in safe and secure conditions for the entire period of your stay.

Honeymoon trips are very special in one’s life and this is one time when you would wish to visit the place of your dreams. There are budget constraints that may restrict you at times. It isn’t always a problem to make things happen.

Apart from cheap hotel accommodation Sydney city also has apartments on hire or rental accommodation where you can stay for the entire duration of your trip for a fixed amount.

There are several cheap hotels in Melbourne that can offer a perfect budget accommodation for your honeymoon trip without missing out on the quality of services and facilities.